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Upcoming Workshop

Investment | $39

Beauty of Branding 



MAY 19 TH, 2019

Could you use some help creating a consistent brand for your store front or online company? With the Beauty of Branding Masterclass you'll be able to gain knowledge from fashion and beauty professionals disclosing their secrets on developing a brand that attract new customers/clients and keep them coming back for more.

You'll finish the class having the tools, resources and confidence to develop a brand that inures you are a step ahead of your competitors and increases your revenue.

- Learn how to build a brand, define your position, and create the ultimate customer experience

- How to create a consistent presentation of your brand across all of your social media platforms!

-How to attract new customers via social media post, email blast and in person networking

- How to create templates for your images that are both professional and easily recognizable as yours, even if you don't know how to use photoshop

- How to create a community around your brand using social media

-How you can deliver a brand experiences your customers don’t even know they want or need, and one that they fall in love with

- How to articulate your brand essence so it drives revenues in existing and/or new markets

- How to create a branding bible to guide your brand's image development

-How to dress for your brand in a way that attracts and retains clients

Investment | $39