The Secrets to Healthier Hair

March 5, 2019



She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not! This is exactly what your hair is thinking as you go through your different phases of hair care routines, or lack there of.  Our hair, no matter the texture, requires so much love it can get a bit overwhelming.


This relationship is no one-night stand honey, it’s a full-blown marriage. You have to be gentle, caring, nonjudgmental, honest & true… Yeah I said it, and I mean it. As a professional hair stylist, I find that a lot of people just truly don’t have that love affair with their hair like they should. They don’t take care of it, or nurture it like they would an expensive pair of shoes, or handbag that they immediately place back in the duster bag after wearing it.


Well that same energy should go for how you treat your natural hair. First thing first, what are you using to clean your hair? What does your hair even need? Identifying what type of hair you’re in a long-term relationship with is Key. Ask yourself a few questions…


+ Is my hair dry?? Like hella thirsty??

+ Is my hair colored?? Like blonde blonde??

+ Is my hair breaking?? Like OMG??

+ Do I have really try scalp?? Like dandruff??



What ingredient you want to avoid in your shampoo!


Always, always, always avoid getting a shampoo that has sulfate in it. Using a sulfate free shampoo is gentle (like we talked about), and not harsh on your hair. In addition, only wash your hair twice with the shampoo. Too much of anything is not recommended including over shampooing your hair which is ultimately just stripping your hair strands of its natural oils.


Secondly, based on your personal hair care issue be sure to select a shampoo that caters to your needs specifically. For example, grab a color treated shampoo for your highlights or extended moisturizing shampoo for dry hair.


To leave in or to

not leave in!


When selecting conditioners depending on your desired style, opt for a leave in conditioner if you DON'T have any plans on adding heat. Leave in conditioners are great for adding moisture to the hair rather than rinsing 95% of it right off (where not enough time was allowed for the moisture to penetrate the hair strands), however if you DO plan on using hot tools on your hair, a leave in conditioner is not for you. 


Continue this love affair even when towel drying your hair. During this stage, your hair is vulnerable and needs your gentle touch once again. If the weather allows, leave that rough towel and blow dryer out of the equation. If deciding to use the blow dryer, let your hair dry naturally for at least 15 minutes to cut down on the drying time wrapping your hair in a micro fiber towel and always use a heat protector before applying the heat.


Frizz be gone, and please don’t come back…Now this is a forever mood!



Now who wants to fight with frizz all day? Not me that’s for damn sure.  Natural styles or not, frizz is not welcomed with opened arms. See now you are judging your hair! Yup, you’re angry. I can see it in your eyes. Before you get all worked up, let's talk about a few things to resolve this problem before you go the F off.



+ Have you ever considered a deep conditioning treatment using the hydration machine??

+ Do you use heat protectors before the blow dry and again before the flat iron??

+ Do you have a light serum that keep down the frizz after using hot tools??

+ Do you need a trim or hair cut??

+ Do you hydrate from the inside?? (drink lots of water)


I will let you take those questions up with yourself…


Getting mad at your hair is a whole different kind of angry!


Lastly, your hair wants to constantly feel protected. So when getting ready to lay it down at night, go for the silk or satin. Something soft and sexy is more of the vibe we are going for right? Not everyone is a bonnet fan, nor has the energy to wear a scarf despite the important role covering your hair plays as you toss and turn all night. I find that having a satin or silk pillowcase is a better decision rather then nothing at all. I am personally very excited about this option because I will be adding satin pillow bonnets to the shop very soon for all my lovely beauties.


Having a head of healthy hair comes with much love and patience but it's so worth it! Let's fall in love with our natural hair again, and start treating it like the crown we wear everyday!


Xo, Kay Lynn 








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