Branding Before Booking

April 7, 2019

Starting a career in the beauty industry can seem extremely overwhelming when first starting out. And while we all want to jump right in and start making money, there are a few key things to consider.


You have passed the the state board test, but still feel lost. You see other beauty professionals on instagram, but cant figure out how they got so successful.


Your talent that you so passionately want to share with the world is now starting to scare the crap out of you.


Have any of these things crossed your mind? And I want you to be honest with yourself.


+ You are tired of posting pictures that get little to no attention nor lead to gaining a new client.

+ You are passing out your business cards yet no-one is calling to book an appointment.

+ You are getting frustrated with not making any money and literally have no idea where the next dollar will come from.

+ You are talented but feel like your talent is going to waste. You don't know how to break into the industry or  build a solid clientele.

Trust me darling, you are not alone...


I started my my cosmetology career 10 years ago with a new baby, no money and no guidance.


I had no idea how to get my foot in the door and start building my clientele. I was scared like hell and couldn't wrap my head around how to become a successful stylist like the ones I looked up to. I had no followers on social media and no real plan of action. ​​



Long Story Short...​


I was literally in cosmetology school when I found out I was expecting my first child. Even though some may look at that as a set back, I was determined to finished and became more motivated than ever.


​While being a single mother wasn't easy, I knew I had to get out there and make some money & FAST! With no real guidance after passing the state board exam, I went to work at a salon in the mall that offered me a booth and commission on the services I provided.


After 3 months of stagnant work, I quit. ​


Even worse, I felt like my love for the beauty industry was dwindling and I became extremely discouraged. ​​​​


What if you could...


+ Build a brand that people grow to love that attracts people directly to your chair. ​


+ Continuously grow your clientele using marketing tactics that keep your ideal clients coming in​


+ Instantly drive traffic to your website using automation, email blast & more​


+ Launch a social media platform that continuously grows a loyal audience creating content that is valuable and intriguing


​+ Build a referral program with incentives for current clients that allows the word to spread authentically building a list of like minded individuals ​​​​


Worry no more! 




Grow with me, as I have launched a new program "Beauty Pro Summit"  your go to resource for building a solid brand that is sure to be well respected in the beauty industry.


Learn how to build trust and grow your clientele in 60 days and start making money in more ways than one. 


In this live masterclass, you will learn the necessary strategies and steps for building a beauty brand and growing a loyal clientele faster than ever before. 





Click Buy tickets NOW for more information, special guest, Live Demo techniques & more!





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